Suzumeno-Yu: Changing for the Next 100 Years

Suzumeno-Yu, which is also a symbol of Jigoku Onsen Seifuso, is an extremely rare hot spring even for the major hot spring nation of Japan where hot springs gush up from underfoot. The hot spring that gushes up from underfoot here is extremely fresh. It is a natural hot spring with no heat or water added. We think you will able to feel its efficacy if you take a soak in it. The building collapsed after the earthquake and we could no longer see its future. At that time, when we looked at Suzumeno-Yu gushing up without stop unchanged since the olden days, we thought that we can still try and do something. Suzumeno-Yu is a miraculous hot spring even for us at Jigoku Onsen Seifuso.

Suzumeno-Yu Reborn

It was once considered only natural for hot springs in Japan to have mixed bathing with men and women in the olden days. However, as time passed, this was banned. Nowadays, mixed bathing is only available in a limited number of old hot springs. The same also applies to Jigoku Onsen; it is only Suzumeno-Yu that has had mixed bathing since long ago. This cultured continued as though it was only natural up to the earthquake. Of course, a time slot just for women was established to suit the times, but this was not enough to satisfy everyone. The earthquake then struck and the building collapsed. During this period, there was plenty of time to think about whether to return Jigoku Onsen back to how it was in olden times or whether to restore it anew looking to the next 100 years. Suzumeno-Yu will be reborn in April 2019. Suzumeno-Yu, where anyone can feel free to enter, will become a hot spring you can get into after putting on bathing clothes. We will also build indoor baths where men and women can enter naked separately. This will lead to Suzumeno-Yu being reborn as a spa resort where you can enjoy a hot spring. First, we will start with the reconstruction of Suzumeno-Yu.


Men’s indoor bath

Men’s dressing room

Women’s dressing room

Women’s indoor bath


※Have to wear bathing suit except a dressing room and indoor bath.
※You don’t have to wear bathing suit at indoor bath.
※There is no shower to leave an atmosphere of a traditional hot spring.

Business Hours

10:00~17:00 (final reception time 16:00)
Regular Holiday: Every Tuesday (open on public holidays)


~Suzumeno Yu~

¥1,200 for an adult (rental bath towel and tax included)
¥600 for a kid (6 to 12) (tax included)
¥1,000 for a student (rental bath towel and tax included)

※Have to wear bathing suit while taking bath except a dressing room and indoor bath.


~Motono Yu~
~Tamagono Yu~

¥800 for an adult (tax included)
¥400 for a kid (6 to 12) (tax included)
¥600 for a student (tax included)


~Suzumeno Yu + Motono Yu・Tamagono Yu~

¥1,600 for an adult (tax included)
¥800 for a kid (6 to 12) (tax included)
¥1,400 for a student (tax included)


Simple Bathing suit for sale

¥600 men’s trunks

¥1,100 women’s dress


From Aso Kumamoto Airport by Car

Aso Kumamoto Airport
Via Prefectural Road 206
Via Prefectural Road 28
Pass through Tawarayama Tunnel
Turn left at Kugino crossroad to prefectual road 149
Pass through National Route 325
Turn right at the first crossroad toward Jigoku Onsen
Jigoku Onsen Seifuso

From Kumamoto IC on the Kyushu Expressway by Car

Kumamoto IC on Kyushu Expressway
National Highway 57 (Kumamoto Higashi Bypass)
Turn right at the Tateno signals
Turn right at the Tochinoki signals on National Highway 325
Turn left at the second signal
Follow the sign of Jigoku Tarudama Onsen and follow the road
Jigoku Onsen Seifuso